Wednesday, June 23, 2021

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9:00-10:00Keynote Speaker: Janiece MackeyRace-Grounded Ways to Move Beyond Interest Convergence
10:05-10:50Miori GidleySession A: Changing Your Legal Name: A Colorado Perspective
10:05-11:40Megan Wolff & Sara Freeman (runs through 11:40)Session B: Neurodiversity in College: Voices from the Students on the Autism Spectrum
10:55-11:40Ann McCally & Neecee Matthews BradshawSession A: Assessment for Co-Curricular Programs
10:55-11:40Megan Wolff & Sara FreemanSession B: Neurodiversity in College: Voices from the Students on the Autism Spectrum (continued)
12:15-1:00Jennifer Woegens & Tracy MurphySession A: Join the Movement: Inclusive Higher Education
12:15-1:00Quill Phillips & Javon BrameSession B: Experiences of Black Millennials in Leadership: A Counternarrative of Professionalism
1:05-2:05Keynote Speaker: Chris Emdin
(Please see below)
On Pedagogy, Liberation and High Expectations: Pursuing Passion, Purpose and Possibility
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Thursday, June 24, 2021

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9:00-10:00Keynote Speaker Jeffery KassEradicating Unconscious Bias
10:05-10:50Jasmine Yap, PhD, Brian Jackson & Mandy GeddesSession A: Education as Liberation: Undoing the Harm of Traditional Pedagogy
10:05-10:50Lorely Sanchez, Shannon Webber, Ana Carolina, Gina Jimenez & Debora StefaniSession B: The Dream Team – A grass roots guide to provide better access to education for Non-Citizen/Immigrant students on the community college campus
10:55-11:40Susan Hua, Alli Jackson, Monica Paez & Sumner LambertSession A: We Go Together: Reflections on Learning Communities at the Community College of Aurora
10:55-11:40CCCOnline Student ServicesSession B: CCCOnline Student Affairs Q&A
12:15-1:00Kevin HudgensSession A: Dakota Promise – A game changer for students
12:15-1:00Jean KellySession B: Disability Language and Etiquette
1:05-2:05Keynote Speaker Paul WeinrauchChanging the Classroom to Create Equity

Friday, June 25, 2021

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9:00-10:00Keynote Speaker Cynthia Gooch-GraysonServing with Tenacity….Approaches to Aid In Positive Outcomes for Underserved College Students
10:05-10:50Kevin Hudgens, Gustavo Rivas, Darian Sparks, Krista Boddy, Cynthia Farmer & Hannah McNameeSession A: Texting using Signal Vine – Uses, Outcomes, and Lessons Learned
10:55-11:40Elizabethe PlanteSession A: Microaggressions and How They Show Up In Everyday Life: Move from witness to Advocate Ally and Accomplice.